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Beyond Radio Presents

Aug 27, 2020

In episode 2 we continue our conversation with a song title that references a book series but from a content perspective has nothing to do with it. It does lead us into a more in depth look at supergroups, transitioning from an Alt/Metal group to one of the biggest supergroups of all time. A fact that Jeff was unaware of.


Discussing a song by the Last Shadow Puppets that Jeff was kind of sour on may have helped to turn him around on it. And a member of one of the bands it was born from links to another supergroup that connects back to 2 previously discussed bands.


We settle into an alternative comfort zone for Jeff where he appreciates 2 songs he did not know, he talks about a song I don't remember and find out about one of his favorite albums.


In the end, we have some fun with Morrissey and that brings back a connection to a conversation we had in the second episode of the podcast (I thought it was the first).


Enjoy the music discussed and featured on this Spotify playlist. As more episodes are added other songs we discuss will be added to the playlist.

The Pod-Castlist 006 Playlist